Procter & Gamble Sales - Winter Intern - Korea in 11, South Korea

_Sales (SLS):_ Your Journey towards becoming a business leader of a business at P&G starts in Sales!! Do you want to… -Be an entrepreneur in the world’s largest consumer company? -Lead the business from the frontline? -Learn to harness the power of teams?

As a P&G Sales you will develop & execute strategies that hits the sweet spot between customers’ needs and shoppers’ needs. By exposing our superior P&G brands & products to shoppers, you play the role of a consultant who grows the customer’s business. From day 1, you will learn first-hand how a global company of 178 years does business successfully. Through your experience here, you will quickly establish yourself as a leader who sets visions & leads the business from the forefront.

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_Key Requirements_

  • South Korean citizen. Legally eligible to work in Korea

  • Must be university graduate, or expected to graduate university by Aug 2018

  • Must have no restrictions in travelling overseas

  • Must have completed military service or be exempt, if applicable

  • Major/Department: No restriction. All majors can qualify

  • Must have: strong leadership, strategic thinking skills, passion for winning, strong communication skill in both Korean and English

Application Process

*- *홈페이지( “Apply Now”에 있는 Application Guidelines 및 _ FAQ_ 확인한 후, ”Search Jobs”에 접속하여 원하는 모집군을 검색 및 선택(중복 지원시 탈락 – 한 전형, 한 직무만 지원 가능)한 후 입사 원서 작성이 가능합니다. - 지원기간 마감 이후 이력서 수정은 불가능하며, 별도의 우편 접수는 받지 않습니다.

Application Deadline

2017년 10월 17일 11:59PM /*//마감일에는/ /접속량/ /급증으로/ /시스템이/ /불안정할/ /수/ /있으므로/ /서류전형을/ /빨리/ /완료하시는/ /것을/ /권장합니다//./

Recruiting Process & Schedule

  1. 서류전형 (Resume & Cover Letter 접수 및 온라인 테스트 완료): 2017년 10월 17일 11:59PM 마감
  2. 필기시험 (서류 통과 후 선호 타임 선택 가능): 10월 3011월 1일 예정 (변동가능)
  3. 면접전형 (면접은 서류전형시 제출한 Resume & Cover Letter을 바탕으로 함) : 11월 6일 이후

*/각/ /전형/ /결과/ /혹은/ /일정/ /변경에/ /대하여/ /지원자의/ /이메일/ /혹은/ /휴대폰으로/ /연락/ /드릴/ /예정이오니/ /입사서류/ /작성시/ /정확하게/ /기입해주시고/ /주기적인/ /확인/ /부탁/ /드립니다./

Job: Sales

Title: Sales - Winter Intern - Korea

Location: KR-11-Seoul

Requisition ID: SLS00002187