Thrivent Financial Thrivent Intern in Indianapolis, Indiana


Carry out the mission of Thrivent Financial by activating students on the Indiana Wesleyan University campus to participate in acts of generosity. The Thrivent interns will do project-based work to research, connect, plan, implement and evaluate a generosity event blitz. Experience will be gained in networking, event management and marketing.

Job Description

Job Duties

  • Research - Identify Christian-based, service oriented, and business based student organizations on campus.

  • Connect - Meet with leadership of identified student organizations. Build relationships with Thrivent members connected to campus – faculty, staff, local alumni and students – to engage them in the generosity event blitz. Develop an advisory team from leaders/members of identified organizations and Thrivent members connected to campus. In concert with RFO leadership, develop ties to local nonprofits that the event blitz will serve.

  • Plan - Select location, date(s), time(s), activities for generosity event blitz. Build an event specification guide for generosity event blitz. Develop a marketing plan for generosity event blitz

  • Implement - Coordinate registration and volunteers. Manage volunteers in execution of activities. Capture images and video of activities

  • Evaluate - Gain insight from advisory team on plan and execution. Gain insight on overall satisfaction from participants. Gain insight on why participants believe in living generously


  • Motivated self-starter with capacity to work independently

  • Engaged in campus activities and student organizations

  • Ability to manage time appropriately

  • Excels at communicating both verbally and in writing

  • Enrolled as a junior or senior in an undergraduate program

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

  • Believes is giving back to the community and living a generous life

Thrivent Financial is a membership organization of Christians. Other Fortune-500 financial companies offer advice, but at Thrivent, we blend faith, finances and generosity to help our members have a healthy relationship with money—because we know that feeling like you have “enough” isn’t directly related to how much you have, it’s about how you use what you have. At Thrivent, we provide financial guidance by looking at money differently—seeing it as a tool; not a goal.

When you join our team, you’ll put your talents to work in amazing ways. You’ll create strategies that help others follow sound financial principles and connect their finances with their values.

You won’t just build your career; you’ll be part of a movement that’s focused on growing, innovating and serving.

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