Mentor, A Siemens Business Student Internships - 4922 in Villingen, Germany

Student Internships - 4922


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: Student Internships - 4922 (multiple opportunities)

Job Location: Germany – Villingen-Schwenningen

Job Category: College

Company Information

At Mentor Graphics, we are shaping the future of automotive embedded systems with our vision and team of innovative, dedicated, smart, hardware and software developers who are passionate about creating extraordinary automotive solutions.

Our Automotive Business Unit provides comprehensive solutions ranging from small footprint ECU software up through the most advanced applications in ADAS, infotainment, driver information and telematics. We specialize in highly optimized in-vehicle solutions, focused in the areas of audio, video, and networking.

Overview of Available Internships and Bachelor/Master Thesis Topics

We have several internships available for self-motivated students; offering an excellent opportunity to start your career working alongside experienced and passionate professionals in an international environment. If you wish to gain invaluable practical experience and develop your skills in automotive electronics and embedded systems with a market leader, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please apply online with CV and cover letter indicating the theme(s) of interest . Themes available, and associated requirements, for our upcoming internship intake are outlined below:

Whitepaper on available standards, research projects and hardware/software solutions for short range vehicle communication:

As advanced driver assistance systems are becoming more and more popular the communication of vehicles with other vehicles (V2V) and vehicles with infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights; V2I) is becoming more relevant. Both technologies are combined in the term V2x.

These communication mechanism can be used for improving the safety relevant features like but also for applications like paying a road user charge.

There are several organizations and companies working on research of these topics producing publications. One example is An IEEE standard has been released for V2x communication based on WiFi technology. Other technologies like cell phone networks are discussed, too. Companies are offering software stacks and hardware evaluation boards.

In order to avoid miss use or sniffing of this communication all data needs to be transferred in a highly secured manner. On the opposite unique identification of the vehicles (e.g. by a static public key) has to be avoided. Therefore the topic of secure data transfer between vehicles is one of the key topics.

Goal of this theses it is to gather available information. This includes papers, available software and hardware solutions. The findings will result in a whitepaper that provides an extensive overview and serves as a basis for estimating the relevance of available approaches.

In addition a prototype environment should be implemented that show cases basic functionality and will later be used for further prototype development.

Scalable Security Concept for Embedded Automotive Systems:

Today's automotive systems are connected through various interfaces with consumer devices and the internet leading to a growing number of security vulnerabilities and attacks to break in such systems. In parallel driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions require safety mechanism and protection against malfunctions and attackers to avoid serious malfunctions.

The goal of this thesis is to define and prototype a scalable security concept for embedded systems using standard Linux security concepts and extensions as needed. Target is to enable a system architect to define and configure a system with the appropriate security mechanisms so system performance is maintained and possible attacks can be prevented.