New Hanover Regional Medical Center Regional and Specialty Services Intern- HR Internship Program in Wilmington, North Carolina

Regional and Specialty Services Intern- HR Internship Program

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HR Internship Program






10-20 hours per week, start date is August 7, 2017

Job Details

Regional and Specialty Services - HR Internship Program This position has access to and knowledge of extremely sensitive, private and confidential materials. Ability to maintain the highest standard is required with zero tolerance. All the primary duties within this document will be performed according to established policies, procedures and guidelines within the department and the Medical Center. JOB SUMMARY: Interns will be assigned to a specific department in which they will be given the opportunity to learn about healthcare. Interns gain unique insight and experience as they work alongside experienced staff in the area that they specialize. In addition to attending regularly scheduled meetings with the department, the intern is responsible for directing a number of special projects. Projects are selected by the department manager/director. The student will benefit by applying what they have learned in the classroom to practical situations, and by having several opportunities to develop professionally. PRIMARY JOB DUTIES: 1. Assisting the department and team with assigned tasks and specific projects, as well as completing tasks in "Student's Measurable Learning Objectives." 2. Training within the department 3. Attends department meetings and other opportunities for learning 4. Will present on a project at the completion of internship 5. Demonstrates standard of performance (ownership, teamwork communication, compassion) that support patient satisfaction and principles of service excellence 6. Performs other duties as assigned. ESSENTIAL JOB SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Education: High School diploma or GED required. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate program and earned enough credit hours to be a junior or senior or enrolled in a masters degree program. 2. Licensure / Certifications: None 3. Experience: None Summary: The LEAN process has become a national standard for project management and culture development. I would like to sponsor an intern to attend NHRMC's LEAN Bootcamp to learn this process, and coach the intern through a project of determining needs of behavioral health patients in our area by HomeCare services, determining what services are available, and make a recommendation to the Senior Team on a path to take for delivery of care for these patients. The primary learning of the intern will be use of the LEAN process for business project management and proposal. Current knowledge of behavioral health patients and their needs is not necessary, as we have resources who can assist with the clinical expertise, but the intern will need to have an interest in healthcare projects to make this experience worthwhile and successful. A self-directed college student with initiative, problem-solving skills, and interest in healthcare would benefit by documented education of the LEAN process, and a very clear example of their use of the process as verification of competence, and a worthwhile business presentation as experience with healthcare executives (good addition to a resume). Learning Goals: Objectives: Be able to describe the LEAN process for a Proposal A3 Complete LEAN Bootcamp to have a basic understanding of the LEAN process Prepare and present a Proposal A3 Work with HomeCare and Behavioral Health team to complete an assessment of services needed in the Wilmington Area through HomeCare for Behavioral Health patients Determine the options for providing Behavioral Healthcare through HomeCare services (NHRMC and all other area services) Make a recommendation for providing Behavioral Healthcare through HomeCare services in Wilmington Present to Senior Team the Proposal A3 on HomeCare Behavioral Health Services